Episode 5 – Nadia Bolz-Weber

Nadia Flyer.jpgOn Monday, June 1, Bruce and Carol will be speaking with Nadia Bolz-Weber, who blogs at Sarcastic Lutheran and wrote the book Salvation on the Small Screen?

The musical interludes will be provided by Gretel.

Episode 4 – YOU! – Links

There are just a few links from today’s show, where YOU were the subject.  We took a few calls and questions from the chat room and Bruce and Carol talked about them.

Neal Locke’s music can be found a number of places.  One is ReverbNation, and another is archive.org.

The secret word was “Leviticus”, and was guessed correctly by Ryan Pappan on the chat room.  He magnanimously gave up his prize to Melissa DeRosia, who was live on the show when he guessed the right answer.

If you are interested in receiving flyers for any upcoming show (to put up at your church, seminary, grocery store, on your wall next to David Cassidy), please contact Brian Merritt at brian@godcomplexradio.com.  You can also send Brian ideas for upcoming shows and offer to be a guest.  We have some big names lined up for the next few weeks, including Nadia Bolz-Weber (the Sarcastic Lutheran) next week and Diana Butler Bass on 6/15.

Preview of some upcoming shows

The God Complex is striving to hunt down and kill capture recruit interesting guests for you.  Here’s a preview of who we have signed up in the near future (subject to change):

5/25 – YOU!  Our first all call-in show
6/1 – Nadia Bolz-Weber – author of Salvation on the Small Screen: 24 hours of Christian Television
6/15 – Diana Butler Bass – author of a bunch of books, most recently A People’s History of Christianity: The Other Side of the Story
6/29 – Michael Dowd – author of Thank God for Evolution

One quick administrative note – BlogTalkRadio has released a new chat room application, which we will be testing on Monday the 25th.  We hope that this fixes the problems that we’ve experienced with the old one recently.  If not, we’ll find an alternative.

Episode 4 – YOU

Call in extravaganza .jpgYes, we will have an episode on May 25 – Memorial Day in the United States.  The show will be all about YOU.  We are doing our first program with call-ins by listeners, and devoting the entire show to what you have to say.  Who knows?  Maybe Bruce and Carol will head out to lunch and leave you to run the show!

The number to call is (646) 595-4385.  We ask that you do not call in before the program starts so that the staff can get their phone connections established first.

This should be exciting!

Episode 3 – Links

In Episode 3, Bruce, Carol, and special guest Fritz Gutwein spoke about the biblical concept of Jubilee and it’s applicability to today – particularly in the areas of debt relief.  Fritz also spoke of his experiences working on these issues in Haiti.

The episode may be heard by clicking on the appropriate show on the right of our website.

Here are some links related to the program:
Jubilee USA Network – Why Drop The Debt?
Haiti Reborn
PC(USA) Just Trade website
PC(USA) Global Food Crisis website story on Haiti

Fritz Gutwein on Twitter

Bill Mallonee’s website (music)

Episode 3 – Jubilee

Flyer_3a_0001.jpgOn Monday, May 18, Bruce and Carol will be speaking about Jubilee with Fritz Gutwein, the Haiti Reborn coordinator for the Quixote Center in Hyattsville, MD.

They will be exploring the biblical theme of jubilee in the old and new testaments, and how it can be applied to debt relief today.  Fritz will be speaking of his work specifically with Haiti debt relief.

Tune in on Monday at noon EDT, 9am PDT for the live program or listen to the archive after the show ends around 1pm.  The chat room will be open at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/godcomplexradio

Episode 2 – Is Your Pastor Smart?

God_Complex_Flyer_2a.jpgEpisode 2 asks the question “Is Your Pastor Smart?”.  Bruce and Carol discuss the value of an educated clergy with each other and Lee Hinson-Hasty, of the PC(USA) Office of Theological Education.  The discussion also includes questions about the debt load carried by most seminary graduates and the dichotomy of the same area having out of work pastors and using Commission Lay Pastors.

Links from today’s episode are below:
Carol’s Article from Tribal Church (the blog) – We can no longer afford an educated clergy
Lee’s response to Carol:  We Can’t Afford Not to Educate Pastors
Dubuque Seminary
Seminary Debt Assistance
Danny Flanigan (music)

You can listen to this episode by using the widget at the right or by going to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/godcomplexradio

First Program Archive

We’ve just completed our first program of the God Complex radio show with Bruce Reyes-Chow and Carol Howard Merritt.  The first episode was about Christian identity, and included discussions of the meaning and value of “membership”.

Links from the first show:
American Religious Identification Survey
Newsweek Article on the trend
Newsweek Article on “post-Christian America”

Music from the first show
John Austin & Eric Echo
The Story Of

Our first program can be heard by clicking the play button on the right-hand side of our blog – in the BlogTalkRadio box – or by going to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/godcomplexradio

Information on finding our program in iTunes will be posted here shortly.

Our next program will be on Monday, May 11 at Noon EDT, 9am PDT.  Watch this blog for information on upcoming guests and topics.

Our first program

The God Complex will be live on the Internet this Monday, May 4, at noon EDT, 9am PDT for our first program.

You may listen to the show online at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/godcomplexradio or using the Listen Here widget in the column to the right.

We are planning to make episodes available as a podcast on iTunes.  Stay tuned for more information!