Episode 9 – Hospitality – Nanette Sawyer

Nanette Sawyer.jpegOur guest for the June 29, 2009 show will be Nanette Sawyer, the author of “Hospitality the Sacred Art: Discovering the Hidden Spiritual Power of Invitation and Welcome“.  Bruce, Carol and Nanette will be talking about Hospitality (and probably the costume on the flyer to the left).  Nanette is the organizing pastor of Wicker Park Grace, a faith community that meets in an art gallery in Chicago.

Music this week will be provided by Scott Turchin, a Los Angeles-based Reggae artist.

We WELCOME you to join us live at Noon EDT, or 9am PDT, or we WELCOME you to listen to the show in the archives after 2pm Monday.

And don’t forget the Credits Theme Contest!

Credits Theme Contest

Astute listeners may have noticed that the credits for the God Complex show staff at the end of each program are generally in a theme, often linked to the show.  So far our producer Landon has been making up those themes.

He’s running out.

So we’re running a contest for you.  Submit a theme idea for the staff credits at the end of the God Complex program.  It can be anything clean (“favorite porn stars” is OUT) and you get extra points for being related to a topic in religion or current events.

The prize?  You get to be Intern of the Week when your theme is used, and you will be listed in the credits.  You can also choose the nickname or whatever is appropriate within your theme for yourself, or we’ll choose for you.

Past themes have included:  Superheroes, Famous Theologians, Star Wars, Gospel parables, Bible themes, and some other random stuff.

How to Enter?  Send a note to landon@godcomplexradio.com and he will be the judge and scheduler.

We look forward to your entries!

Episode 8 – Post-race

Post-Race_.jpegThis week, Bruce and Carol will take up the questions “Is our society post-racial?”  “Will the church ever get past racial divides?”  “What is the difference between inter-cultural and multi-cultural?”

Our guest will be Rev. Sean McMillan of Giant Steps Church in Chicago.

Music will be provided by John Mann.

The show will be broadcast live on Monday, June 22 at Noon EDT, 9am PDT at this site.  You can also listen at the same location (or any of the other locations found on the How to Listen page linked at the right) starting at about 1:30 or 2pm.

Lucky Episode 7 – Diana Butler Bass

Diana Butler Bass.jpgOur guest this week will be Diana Butler Bass, author of a whole bunch of books.  Her latest release is A People’s History of Christianity: The Other Side of the Story. You know how people say, “I want to be a part of a church, but I just can’t get over all of the terrible things that religion has done”? And you try to explain all of the really wonderful things that the church has done-how Christianity has often been on the forefront of so many movements of justice. Well… now you can add a book to your conversation. Diana clearly points out the strong rivers of of vitality, life and justice that have been flowing through our faith since its inception.

Music will be provided by The Church of the Beloved, with songs from “Hope for a Tree Cut Down”.

Join us for the show on Monday at noon EDT, 9am PDT.

Abstinence and effectiveness

Mary Ellen Moss, one of our listeners, sent us this image.  We just felt that it HAD to be posted here, to go with the show earlier this week on abstinence.

Episode 6 – Abstinence and Purity Pledges – Links

Here are some links mentioned during today’s show.  Paula Parker-Sawyers, the Director of Outreach and Partnerships of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy was our guest.

Sex Without Intimacy: No Dating, No Relationships
– this very timely NPR article about “hooking up” was mentioned

Nine Tips to help Faith Communities and Leaders Address Teen Pregnancy – this pamphlet from Paula’s National Campaign was referenced

Gretel – today’s songs were “Salt” and “Your Flame”

Mr. Show – Pre-taped Call-In Show – this video clip is in honor of our caller this week. :-)

Episode 6 – Abstinence and Virginity Pledges

Abstinence and Virginity Pledges.jpegSo … we’re going to abstain from producing episode 6.

Just kidding.  Actually we are going to have an episode on Monday, June 8 dealing with the concepts of abstinence and virginity pledges.  There’s some question in our production team e-mails about whether or not a few of us are going to try abstinence for the week to do research.  Tune in and find out!

Music this week will be provided by Gretel.  We apologize for not being able to bring them to you last week due to technical issues.

In order to join the chat room during the live show, you should go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/godcomplexradio and then choose Episode 6 from the list on the left.  That will bring up a page for the episode and it should show that the episode is in progress or show a countdown to the episode.  We will open the chat room 10-15 minutes before the program and it should appear on the page automatically.  The audio portion of the program will also start automatically when we begin.  Of course, you can always listen to the program in the archives at the same site.

We’ll see you on Monday!

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