Episode 18 – Links

Here are links to things mentioned in Episode 18 with Michael Livingston.

Carol’s Facebook Fan Page (with the cover of her new book)

International Council of Community Churches on Facebook

International Council of Community Churches on the web

God Complex on Podcast Alley

Christian Churches Together

New Social Creed for the 21st Century

And today’s chat transcript:  God Complex Radio chat transcript 8-31-2009 Michael Livingston.pdf

Episode 18 – Michael Livingston

Michael Livingston.jpgOur guest on Monday, August 30, 2009 will be Rev. Michael Livingston.  He is the Executive Director of the International Council of Community Churches and the immediate past President of the National Council of Churches of Christ.  The topic:  What (if any) role will denominations play in the future of the church?

Music will be provided by Enter the Haggis.

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Episode 17 – Eric Elnes – links

photo(3).jpgBefore I get to the links, this is what it looks like when your hosts are in the same room sharing a phone line.  We apologize for the audio technical difficulties, and we’re still working on alternatives.

Here are the links:

The Phoenix Affirmations

Asphalt Jesus blog

Eric’s Facebook page (he invited listeners to be his friend)

The chat transcript of today’s show is found God Complex Radio Public Chat Transcript 8-24-09 Eric Elnes.pdf.

Episode 17 – Eric Elnes

eric.jpgOur guest on Monday, August 24 will be Eric Elnes.  Eric is the Senior Minister of
Countryside United Church of Christ in Omaha, NE who has received a
PH.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary.  He is the author of The Phoenix Affirmations and Asphalt Jesus. 
He was the co-founder of CrossWalk America, a group dedicated to
promoting progressive Christianity.  He has also worked to promote the
use of art in worship, leading many conferences where he shares his
method for producing mutli-sensory worship experiences.

Music will be provided by Freddy Litwiniuk.

Join us on Monday at https://www.blogtalkradio.com/godcomplexradio live at Noon EDT, 9am PDT, or archived at any time at that site or this site.

Episode 16 – Barbara Brown Taylor

Barbara.jpgOur guest will be Barbara Brown Taylor, author of An Altar in the World, a Geography of Faith.  Barbara will speaking about her books and her unusual ability to see the sacred in the everyday.

Join us live on Monday, August 17 at Noon EDT, 9am PDT at https://www.blogtalkradio.com/godcomplexradio or after the program at that site or this site to listen to the episode in our archives.

UPDATE:  The music was provided by Erin Echo and John Austin.  The transcript of the public chat is found here: God Complex Radio public chat 8-16-2009 Barbara Brown Taylor.pdf

Episode 15 – Frank Schaeffer “Crazy for God”

Frank Schaeffer.jpgThis week Frank Schaeffer will join Bruce and Carol to talk about his book “Crazy for
God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious
Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back”
. Hearing the story of the man who linked evangelicalism to the GOP should be fascinating.

This week the music is from The Falling View.  OK, they’re white and one of them plays guitar, but they really aren’t quite the “white guy with a guitar” that we’ve had thus far.

Join us at Noon EDT, 9am PDT on Monday, August 10 at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/godcomplexradio or this site at any time to listen!

Episode 14 – Phyllis Tickle and “The Great Emergence”

Phyliss Tickle.jpgEvery 500 years, the Christian faith goes through a major change and
has (according to Phyllis Tickle) a giant “rummage sale” of sorts, in which the
faithful discern what to leave behind and what to carry on.  We are
currently in the midst of one of these periods.  We will talk with Phyllis about the unique characteristics of this “Great Emergence” and
what it might mean for the Christian faith moving forward.

Our music will be provided by JAZ Rice.

Join us at https://www.blogtalkradio.com/godcomplexradio live on August 3 at Noon EDT, 9am PDT, or archived at any time after then.