Missing you …

(A note from Carol Howard Merritt)

God Complex Radio is in the midst of a hiatus, but it’s not¬†because we’re giving up! As the crew worked long and hard for the past months, our energy and interest for the project only expanded, and so we decided that we would reformat it and roll out GCR 2.0 on January 18, 2010.

Features of the new show will include:

  • Continued interviews with the most interesting religious voices
  • Commentaries from regular guests
  • Clearer sound quality
  • More polished production and formatting


  • No more technical difficulties!! (At least that we can foresee…)

We’ll be rolling out the show at the same time each week, and Bruce or I will be in a chat room when the show airs. So, we can be more engaged in the conversation.

I want to thank all of you who have been faithful listeners and partners with us so far. We love hearing your questions and comments. We love how so many of you “flat Stanleyed” the GCR dude, and we are humbled by how many of you Twittered, Facebooked, and told your friends about the show.

And I am so thankful for the people who have put incredible time and energy into working with the program–namely Bruce Reyes-Chow, Landon Whitsitt, Brian Merritt, Mark Smith, and Heather Scott.

If you have not listened to the show much, you can have a few weeks to catch up, our top episodes, with the most listeners have been:

  1. Diana Butler Bass
  2. Nadia Bolz-Weber
  3. Stephen Ray
  4. Phyllis Tickle
  5. Barbara Brown Taylor
  6. Frank Schaeffer
  7. Eric Elnes
  8. Will Willimon (hereby, affectionately known as “Big Willy”)

I can’t wait to see where this next step will bring us!

So until then… if you’ve got a God Complex….