GCR 2.3 – Not Your Mama’s Church: Women, Creativity, & Emergence

Join Carol Howard Merritt and Bruce Reyes-Chow as they welcome Nadia Bolz-Weber, pastor of House for All Sinners and Saints. Also joining the GCR team is Meredith White-Zeager, pastor of The Phoenix Project.

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Some highlights from this episode:

0:10: Meredith White-Zeager shares her experience of “church” and why she started The Phoenix Project.
6:15: Bruce introduces the theme of the episode and Nadia Bolz-Weber, pastor of House for All Sinners and Saints
7:35: Bruce’s conversation with Nadia Bolz-Weber
34:27: Carol and Bruce reflect
1:13:18: Promo of next episode

Items mentioned in this episode:
Covenant Community Church
Greenbelt Festival
Emerging Women

6/1 update from Carol Howard Merritt: So… I had a major lack of sleep when recording this show, and when it came out, I felt frustrated that my critiques were geared toward Nadia personally. I have great respect for Nadia and I felt awkward because it seemed like I was critiquing her when she was out of the room and could not defend herself. I meant my comments to be geared toward all of us who are trying to leave Evangelicalism, and create something else, but my wording sucked. I apologized to Nadia, and she graciously accepted my apology. We will have a follow-up on this show… where Nadia can get the last word!

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6 Responses to “GCR 2.3 – Not Your Mama’s Church: Women, Creativity, & Emergence”
  1. Janet L. Bohren says:

    Nice conversation with Nadia — enjoyed hearing her definition of emergent, her belief in importance of preaching and her description of her people and her call to serve them. Also enjoyed very much hearing Carol's reflections on her work, vocation and call and how she does not see herself so much as emergent, but as working within a traditional church to bring new ideas and life to it, so it goes on for the next generation. Loved honesty of Bruce's final comment that he just doesn't care that much one way or the other about being "emergent" or the "emergent church." Rather he is concerned with reconstruction a deconstructed church in San Francisco. Lots of food for thought in this episode.

    Have followed Bruce's FB query about color/race and so look forward to your next show on racism in 2 weeks.
    Janet Bohren

  2. The Greenbelt this side of the pond is the "Wild Goose Festival"
    Hope to see y'all there!

  3. I should have include the link: http://www.wildgoosefestival.com/
    WIld Goose Festival is also on facebook
    and Twitter @WildGooseFest
    Location TBA

  4. I should have include the link: http://www.wildgoosefestival.com/
    Find Wild Goose on Facebook and Twitter, too

  5. Sarah Pressly-James says:

    I have SO enjoyed this show! I'm following via iTunes podcasts, and y'all's dialog between the "guest star" conversations are really great, interesting and thought-provoking.

    So many thanks for getting this show up and running! :) spj

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