Season 2, Episode 1 – Diana Butler Bass on “Civility & Graciousness”

Join Carol Howard Merritt and Bruce Reyes-Chow as they welcome Diana Butler Bass, author of A People’s History of Christianity: The Other Side of the Story.  Also joining the GCR team is pastor Toby Brown.

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Some highlights from this episode:

0:10: Rev. Toby Brown shares about his experiences with civility and graciousness in online debate and dialogue.
6:13: Bruce introduces the theme of the episode and Diana Butler Bass, author of A People’s History of Christianity: The Other Side of the Story
7:42: Part 1 of Bruce’s conversation with Diana Butler Bass: Agreeing with Glen Beck; Is civility really a good thing?; confronting anonymus criticism
24:41: Bruce and Carol reflect on Part 1
40:47: Part 2 of Bruce’s conversation with Diana Butler Bass: Bass punching a man in a fight over pacifism; the difference between graciousness and civility; this is our nastiness
58:24: Bruce and Carol reflect on Part 2
1:12:18: Promo of next weeks episode with Robert P. Jones to talk about immigration

Items mentioned in this episode:
Is Western Christianity Suffering From Spiritual Amnesia?
Sojourners’ “A Covenant for Civility”
Sojourner/Emergent “kerfuffle

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12 Responses to “Season 2, Episode 1 – Diana Butler Bass on “Civility & Graciousness””
  1. Thanks, Carol, Bruce and Landon. Best wishes and many prayers for a great second season. Love your voice. Keep speaking for the "rest of us."

  2. Thank you, Diana! You were a great guest!

  3. Doug says:

    Gotta say it – Sue Sylvester's sister appears to have Down's Syndrom, rather than Autism, which is quite different. Just had to say something. Otherwise, good conversation :)

  4. Glauber Ribeiro says:

    Good to have you back! I was missing the program.

    • Glauber Ribeiro says:

      Hey, this really was a very good program! I've done my share of participating and over-participating in online communities, and i agree that most of the nastiness comes from anonymous posters, plus the odd person here and there that is not anonymous, but just genuinely rude. I've always used my real name, and i've often felt at a disadvantage when attacked by anonymous hecklers.

      I like the feature in Facebook that lets you "hide" people that bug you, because it helps me avoid useless confrontation, and that's what we do in "real life" too. I don't have to respond to every person who thinks praying for Obama's death is funny; just hide them.

  5. Doug, I am so glad there's a bigger Glee fanatic out there to keep Bruce straight! Thanks so much for listening.

  6. Janet L. bohren says:

    Loved having you back for the second season. So enjoyed the discussion of graciousness and civility that Diana and Bruce had — hadn't thought about civility that way before and it makes good sense. I have been impressed by how you two and Diana "put yourselves out there" on blogs and FB and twitter. It has meant a lot to me that you allowed me to follow you and and interact and have conversation — sometimes theoretical and conceptual and sometimes just everyday stuff. Because of an eye pb. I don't get out and drive as much, so more of my interaction with people is now online. I really hate it when I see nasty comments on FB to some of Diana's posts. But much more common are the wonderful humorous comments that give me a smile and laugh – the graciousness of internet conversation.

    I am looking forward to your future programs. Thanks so much for doing them.

  7. Thank you so much for the kind and thoughtful comments. We've been doing the show for an entire year now. It's been wonderful, and a lot of hard work! I am so grateful for Bruce and Landon's energy to keep this going.

  8. Lin says:

    Thank you for this; I've long had a problem w/the nastiness on blogs/internet rude comments; now I know I'm not alone.
    I believe Jesus tells us not to hide our light, but to share it;
    how tough, at times, in a world like today;
    but I'm sure this too has happened before……


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