GCR 3.2 Brian McLaren and Phil Shepherd: Navigating Shifts in the Church

What do we do with dying churches? Is the emerging church male-dominated? Why? Which is more likely to reform, denominations or evangelicalism? Does Brian McLaren still claim the title “evangelical”?

And perhaps the most burning gender/power question: Should Landon Whitsitt be taken seriously if he calls himself “eye candy”?

These are some questions we asked Brian McLaren (okay… so we didn’t ask him about Landon…). Brian is an author, speaker, and activist. Most recently, he wrote the book A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions that Are Transforming the Faith. Join us!

On this episode:
The Eucatastrophe
Whiskey Preacher
Music by John Austin
A New Kind of Christianity
Montreat Conference Center
Emerging Church Wikipedia Site
Reframing Hope

And if you want to hear more from Brian McLaren, check out the Presbyterian Outlook’s  Upcoming Webinar.

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Bruce says goodbye to the GCR crew

Bruce Reyes-Chow Bruce Reyes-Chow Bruce Reyes-Chow

Ya ever have one of those adventures that simultaneously seemed like it lasted forever as well as sped by in the blink of an eye? My life with God Complex Radio has been like this for me.  From that initial Twitter DM conversation about “a crazy idea” to live broadcasts on BlogTalkRadio to hitting the jumping into the podcast world, this has been a wonderful ride.

But alas, the time has come for me to shift my energies in different directions – most importantly to my local congregation and my family – and step back and see what new and exciting things are in store for Carol, Landon and the rest of the God Complex Radio Crew.  There has been no scandal, no internal fighting and no, contrary to popular belief, I have not been called up to play shortstop next year for the Oakland A’s . . . but I’m waiting ;-)  What has happened is that Landon and Carol are putting in gobs of time and mental energy about the future of the show and I simply cannot keep up.  So rather than have them slow down for me, I am stepping back so the show can zoom forward!  You all are in for some great stuff for sure!

So as of now, I am done being a part of the front line team of God Complex Radio.  I will continue to interact with the GCR community and will use all my social media juice to spread the word.  I will also return on occasion as a ranting and opinionated correspondent and pundit.

As I bid farewell to this stage of my life, I want to offer my deepest thanks to Brian MerrittMark Smith and Heather Scott who were part of this craziness at the beginning. And of course to my co-horts in crime, Carol and Landon, I will miss our early morning banter, our bouts of uncontrollable laughter and, yes, I’ll even miss all the technical difficulties that gave us a common enemy ;-)  Above all, I will miss being part of this particular venue where we have offered our collective voice of faith to the church and world.  I will forever be grateful for our time together.

So that’ all for now. Thanks for the memories and I’ll see you all around the interwebs. As always you can catch me on Twitter, Facebook and my blog.

Peace to you all,

Bruce, God Complex Radio Alum