GCR 4.3 Jonathan Brink on his new book, Discovering the God Imagination: Reconstructing A Whole New Christianity

Jonathan Brink

In the third episode of our 4th season, we invited Jonathan Brink, to join Carol Howard Merritt and Landon Whitsitt to discuss his newest book Discovering the God Imagination: Reconstructing A Whole New Christianity. Jonathan wears many hats and is an author, coach, speaker, and consultant. Quite a busy man!

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3 Responses to “GCR 4.3 Jonathan Brink on his new book, Discovering the God Imagination: Reconstructing A Whole New Christianity”
  1. Carol, you asked, “People aren’t actually doing wrong, they’re just captivated by a lie.” I would respond by saying people do evil, when they are captivated by the lie. The problem is that we think it can change God’s objective judgment of good, when the real problem is that it has significant consequence. I do believe in the reality of evil, and our capacity to produce it. It does corrupt the body. But I would suggest that it can’t change the nature of reality that God establishes in the beginning of creation. Our actions cant’ change the nature of reality because God didn’t base the original distinction on what we do.

  2. ron cole says:

    Great podcast! so much of what Jonathon talked about certainly resonated with me. For me diverged around the topic of evil. Jonathon I think said there is inherent good in everything, that we confront it by call it out. The idea that Adam and Eve weren’t really punished, and Cain wasn’t really punished…that there is no evil, just the results of ” lie.” So I’m not sure I really get my head around that.

    The really crux of God imagination fro me comes around the cross. And Landon, and Carol got into it a bit when they wrestled with atonement theory. I no longer believe in ” substitution “, ” ransom ” or ” penal.”

    I have spent 30 years reading the Gospels, that doesn’t make me an expert…I have no seminary training. I’m a clinical laboratory technologist working in a hospital setting. But I am consumed by the radical scandalous redemptive imagination in the gospels…and this synaptic spark of creativity that flows through the whole story.
    Jesus death has nothing to do with appeasing the anger of his Father…it has nothing to with sin…setting things straight because we stole an apple of the Old man’s tree. Jesus was consumed with the Kingdom, that’s all he talked about, and what he lived out. To say he died for anything less removes Jesus from the very thing he was passionate about.
    What is the Kingdom? we get our first glimpse in the garden…harmony, the reality of what communion really is, and should be…God, humanity and creation as one. We see the prophets continuously, like editors in the script of the human story popping up…to re-focus us to fix the injustice of broken communion.
    It get’s to the point much like the parable where after the vineyard owners have killed all the messengers…the master finally sends his own son. Jesus comes in the story as the last chance. God, has thrown in all the chips. The world is broken, injustice is rampant, the prevailing empire is capturing the imagination of humanity with its version of the story.
    Jesus comes with the Kingdom story, which has always been God’s story. Jesus reveals the incredible radical scandalous redemptive imagination of the Kingdom. He comes not to condemn, not to judge…but to reveal the reality of the Kingdom. For it is the reality of the fullness of life, eternal, abundant life now.
    Is it planned, it God write this half way through the human drama? I don’t know? Is God involved in it, is he an accomplice in the murder…I don’t think so.
    There is no sin sacrifice, God on death row an innocent…an innocent victim on our behalf. Jesus is murdered by the domination, the oppression, and injustice of what Paul calls the powers and principalities of darkness ( political, religious, economic ). The powers and principalities proclaim a resounding ” Yes ” to there story to capture the imagination.
    With the resurrection, God pulls out the ace in the hole and proclaims a resounding ” Yes ” to Jesus, and the redemptive imagination of the Kingdom.
    I really believe in Jesus death and resurrection of bringing to life the reality of the Kingdom, If we can have faith and embrace this alternative story…and faithfully live it out as Jesus did…even so much as sacrificing our lives in the same way we won’t need to wait for Heaven. Because it will be as Jesus prayed, ” Father may your Kingdom come, on Earth as in Heaven.”
    I don’t go to church anymore…I can recite many of the creeds, I can’t say what I don’t believe. I consumed with Jesus more than ever…but I just see his life and death radically different than the church sees it. Sorry for the length of this…Peace Ron Cole.


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