GCR 4.5 – J. Kameron Carter on Jazz, Race, and Theology

J Kameron Carter on God Complex Radio

In the fifth episode of our 4th season, we invited Dr. J. Kameron Carter, Associate Professor in Theology and Black Church Studies at Duke University Divinity School. Dr. Carter dropped by to tell us a bit about his book on race and the church, and then our conversation drifted into a discussion of Esperanza Spalding and the power of jazz to provoke theologians and church leaders.

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Play – J. Kameron Carter – God Complex Radio – S4E5

Some highlights from the show…
1:25 – [Deleted] J Kameron Carter predicts Duke will make a serious run in the Final Four. #ProtectingDrCartersFutureESPNCareer
2:11 – Should racism be thought of as a theological error?
5:02 – How did our ideas about race come to be?
8:44 – Gentile Christians think of themselves as the new Israel, re: Echoes of John Winthrop
10:48 – Gentile Christian relationship with the God of Israel is always mediated, NOT immediate.
15:27 – We often lend Christian support to the idea that we have to deliver goods to words the the world needs: Rights, Freedom, etc. Why?
17:14 – Esperanza Spalding, and the reasons in which theologians should take notice of jazz
27:50 – Jazz is not “an ossified tradition” – the Church can take cues from this.
30:37 – Lessons for the Church moving forward.
36:27 – Money Quote: the impulse to solve is really an IMPULSE TO MASTER.
40:21 – Church chat time with Carol and Landon! Riffing on the themes that J. Kameron Carter brought up.

Mentioned on this episode:
J Kameron Carter’s blog
J Kameron Carter’s twitter account
J Kameron Carter’s book on race
Esperanza Spalding – a post by J. Kameron Carter

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3 Responses to “GCR 4.5 – J. Kameron Carter on Jazz, Race, and Theology”
  1. Roger Wolsey says:

    Dig it daddy-0! : )
    ….on a related note, here’s a poetic sermonette i wrote in 1994 that was is inspired by the interface of jazz and theology: “Grovin’ with God” https://www.facebook.com/note.php?saved&&note_id=135987457755

  2. Carol Howard Merritt says:

    Thanks so much for pointing us to those, Roger!

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