GCR 4.7 Rachel Hackenberg and Praying With Your Pen

Rachel Hackenberg and Praying With Your Pen

Join Landon and Carol as they talk with Rachel Hackenberg about her book Writing to God. We explore different prayer disciplines, talk about the “rules of prayer,” and question whether our theology matches with our prayer practices.

Play – Rachel Hackenberg – God Complex Radio – S4E7

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5 Responses to “GCR 4.7 Rachel Hackenberg and Praying With Your Pen”
  1. Beth says:

    I really really want to listen to this podcast but I can’t hear a thing Carol is saying. Can this be fixed? I’m really interested in what Rachel has to say. If not, could a transcript be put on the blog?


    • Carol Howard Merritt says:

      Beth! I’m sorry. I thought I replied earlier… My comment must not have gone through…

      The sound is set so that one person is speaking on one side, and the other is speaking on the other side. Can you check the L/R balance on your listening device? That should help it…

  2. Sarah PJ says:

    Hey Carol – like we’re old friends and I can just say hey, the price of being a blogger, I suppose – ;) – Run, don’t walk to “Being” and listen to Krista Tippett’s interview with Bobby McFerrin, he mentions that he also paces the floor and prays, and frequently finds himself singing! I listened to your program with praying with the pen, and then to this one with Bobby Mc, and WOW how cool a coincidence! :)

  3. Carol Howard Merritt says:

    Thanks for letting me know about it!

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