GCR 4.8 Julie Clawson and Ryan Kemp-Pappan on Everyday Justice

Where does that coffee come from? What does that chocolate bar have to do with slavery? How do our everyday choices affect the global economy and human rights? Julie Clawson wrote a book on these very things.

Carol Howard Merritt talks to Julie Clawson about her unique perspective on the Emergent Church as well as her book, Everyday Justice. Then Carol talks with Ryan Kemp-Pappan about what Julie had to say.


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One Response to “GCR 4.8 Julie Clawson and Ryan Kemp-Pappan on Everyday Justice”
  1. Pat Pope says:

    It’s funny that Julie mentioned being a children’s director. Yeah, we musn’t use that word pastor for women. :) Amazing the hoops a church will jump through to avoid using that word or affirming a woman as a pastor. But I so resonate with her story and her background.

    Ryan sums it up well re: preaching the uncomfortable truth. Preach!!!!

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