GCR 5.4 Alisa Harris and Raised Right

Have you ever experienced a major shift in how you view politics? How did it happen? How do your faith and political life intersect? How should it intersect? Join Derrick Weston as he talks to Alisa Harris, the author of Raised Right, about these questions and more. We’ll also introduce the Two Friars and a Fool—Aric Clark, Nick Larson, and Doug Hagler–as they reflect on the Occupy Movement.


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One Response to “GCR 5.4 Alisa Harris and Raised Right”
  1. Pat Pope says:

    One of the things I have found when there is a presumption that everyone believes the same thing or thinks the same way, that it is often easy to offend another because of that presumption. It never seems to enter our thinking that others might have a different view. In fact, our presumptions often blind us to differences.

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