D. Mark Davis: Left Behind and Loving It

Join Carol and Derrick as they are talking to D. Mark Davis author of “Left Behind and Loving It: A Cheeky Look At the End Times.”  This podcast interview was recorded just days after the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Reflections on how we process tragic events are interwoven with a unique perspective on end times theology.

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2 Responses to “D. Mark Davis: Left Behind and Loving It”
  1. JW says:

    First time podcast listener. Came across this from a few twitter tweets with Carol. Sort of reminds me of the living after faith podcasts. I like the different perspective on religious ideology as I am in my own transition as well.

  2. Robert Fisher says:

    Just listening to this yesterday and looking back, I don’t mean to be snarky (though I am a conservative): but it must be admitted that in this case Pat Robertson, FOX news were right about the bombings (though in general Pat is a wacko, I sigh more often than not when listening to him).

    So does Mark still consider them to be out of line, and hateful? In the interview there was a disconnect between “left behind” type theology and his denunciation about the speculations about the source of the Boston attacks as being Islamic. He never showed why one was relevant to the other, and I wondered what he was getting at.

    In any case it would be interesting to hear how revelation of the Tsarnaev’s role has affected his beliefs. My concern is that liberals are always trying to point out that a conservative Christian theology will lead to acts of (inexcusible) terrorism, like the Roeder incident. But they are never even willing to consider the possibility that the same might be true of certain forms of Islam. This seems to be a blind spot in the liberal thinking. I would just ask you to consider that if it is possible for ideological extremism in professing Christian circles might be responsible for acts of terrorism, then so might ideological extremism in certain professing Islamic circles.

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