Bruce Reyes-Chow: Dont Be An Asshat

Join us as we chat with GCR co-founder and eternal-friend-of-the-show Bruce Reyes-Chow about the new book on parenting he has written with his wife, Robin Pugh. After a friend’s impassioned Facebook plea to the parents of the world, Robin and Bruce were inspired. Agreeing with their friend that parents have one job—not raising their children to be a$$h@!=$ —they decided to write this book in the pursuit of that goal. They believe that most children are not being raised to be a$$h@!=$, but they also believe that all parents and guardians could use a little help in their endeavors.

This book is not a guaranteed how-to manual, nor is it the end-all, be-all of parenting advice. It is a playful guide highlighting the importance of community, parenting the whole child—body, mind, and soul—helping children explore their world, and laughing at the word “balls.” It includes words of wisdom for the expectant parent, and even letters to the authors’ former, childless selves. While this book is written to help those raising children, it also contains 101 lessons directed at children, always reminding both groups of their one goal: don’t be an asshat.

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