Grace Ji-Sun Kim: Colonialism, Han, and the Transformative Spirit

Join Carol for an engaging conversation about unjust suffering and oppression with Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim.  Her book “Colonialism, Han, and the Transformative Spirit” guides our podcast discussion using the Korean concept of han (unjust suffering) to shed light on our theological understanding of power and its abuse.  Grace Ji-Sun Kim is a Korean-American theologian, professor, blogger, and author.   Listen using the player... [Read More...]

Tony Kriz: Neighbors and Wise Men

Tony Kriz, who infamously appeared in Donald Miller’s books under the name “Tony the Beat Poet”has discovered the abiding presence of Jesus in the lives and words of people from diverse (and often radically unchristian) sources. Through the pages of Neighbors and Wise Men, Tony guides the reader through Muslim lands, radically anti-religious academia and post-Christian cultures to discover a God who speaks with generosity and creativity.... [Read More...]

Shannon Meacham: UNCO

UNCO is an unconference for church leaders, pastors, families, and seminarians. It is three days of worship and open space discussion on the church and its future. It’s also a network that supports and incubates creative ministries. Today we chat about the past, present, and future of this incredible conference opportunity with Shannon Meacham.  You can also follow Shannon’s musings at her Pulpit Shenanigans blog.   Listen... [Read More...]

Brian McLaren: We Make the Road by Walking

Our summer season kicks off with Brian McLaren as we talk about the Cana Initiative ( and his new book We Make the Road by Walking.  Brian always offers such wonderful insights for constructive and fresh approaches to the Christian life.  We are delighted to have him join us for this conversation.  Find out more about Brian and his projects at   Download using the link or the player below: Audio... [Read More...]

Erin Lane, Enuma Okoro: Talking Taboo

We are talking about taboo topics in this special episode. American Christian women get frank about faith and life as Erin Lane and Enuma Okoro, editors of Talking Taboo, join Derrick and Carol for a conversation. This latest book in the I Speak For Myself series addresses the experiences of faith, gender, and identity that remain taboo for American Christian women under 40.  For women and their partners, faith leaders and their members, historians... [Read More...]

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