Derrick Weston | Co-Host . . .Executive Director of the Coretta Scott King Center for Cultural and Intellectual Freedom. He has been immersed in the conversation about church transformation for more than a decade. He has worked with several mainline “emergent” church plants and has spent the last three years working with several small, aging congregations trying to help them imagine what their future will look like in the 21st century church landscape. Working with these two seemingly different demographics has given him a desire to see the church develop intergenerational solutions to its diverse challenges. Derrick serves on the board of the Center for Urban Ministry in Winston Salem, NC and is passionate about seeing the church tackle issues related to poverty and racism. He has a heart for social justice and believes that compassion is developed when people cross societal boundaries for sevrice and learning.


As a former film student, Derrick is a strong believer in effective use of quality media for the purposes of ministry and hopes that his involvemnet in GCR will help contribute something of value to dialogue among people of faith.